Defining Work-in-Progress (WIP) Limit

You can define the WIP limit at the following 2 levels:

  • User Level 

    For every user, you can set a WIP limit by using the User WIP configuration and apply that limitation across all boards for that user. 
     During WIP calculation for the user, cards in the done lane are excluded from the WIP count.
  • Lane Level

    You can set WIP limit based on different parameters as per your preference. Along with the parameter, you can define WIP limit for either All or In Progress lanes on your board.
    For Example: You can define User WIP for Card Count in In-Progress lanes based on which you can set the maximum number of cards that can be assigned to a user in In-Progress lanes. 

Enabling WIP Limit Feature

While defining the WIP limit for a user, you can further define the limit for individual users and for individual boards. 
Irrespective of whether you choose user level WIP or board level WIP, you need to begin by enabling the WIP feature.
To enable the WIP feature, login using admin credentials and follow the below steps:
  1. Under Admin>Settings, click Admin Policy  icon () on the auto-hide toolbar.
  2. Select the User WIP parameter based on which WIP limit is to be calculated.
  3. Select the lane, where the selected User WIP is applicable(the changes are saved automatically).

Defining WIP for Each User At Admin Level

To define WIP for each user:
Open the list of people page by clicking the ()icon on the toolbar, then navigate to People menu link on the toolbar.

  • Under WIP Value column, double-click against the desired user name and enter the WIP limit for the respective user.
  • WIP Status indicates whether currently the WIP is Active or Inactive for the respective user. Under this column, double-click against the desired user name to alter the WIP status as per requirement.
Click the filter icon on the Auto Hide toolbar to search a specific user based on these different columns. 

Defining User WIP for Each Board

You can also define a user WIP limit for every board. To set a board specific WIP limit, click on the board name on the toolbar  and select Team Member
In the following screen, you can define the WIP value for each board member:

WIP Limit Violation Notification

Once WIP Limit is defined for users, open the desired board.
  • The user’s profile picture is encircled with red ink on the card if the user WIP limit  or lane WIP limit is violated.

Click User WIP () on Auto Hide toolbar to see WIP details of each user assigned to the current board.

A pop up appears that displays the total number of cards assigned to each user across all boards along with his WIP limit. You can sort the user WIP list on any of the following attributes:
  • Card Count (default)
  • Name
  • WIP Violation
    You can further sort this in either ascending or descending order by selecting the ASC or DESC option.

Following is the color code for notification of User WIP violation:
  • Red: Number of assigned cards has exceeded the user WIP limit for the current board
  • Orange: Number of assigned cards has exceeded the user WIP limit for another board
  • Green: Number of assigned cards is within the WIP limit of the user

Pop up displays the details of only those users for who WIP is defined in the current board.

Click Personal Kanban View to see the lane-wise breakup of assigned cards, and click on any cell in the table to get a further drill-down data on the card's current lane and its title.
If creating a new card violates the user WIP, a warning message is diaplayed. For instance, in the following example, user WIP for the board has been set to 1. Creating another card gives the following notification on top of the Kanban board.


Defining Column/Lane WIP Limit

You can define minimum as well as maximum WIP limit of cards for a particular column.To set the limit:
  • Go to the Kanban board.
  • Click the Board Editor () icon from the Auto hide toolbar.
  • Click the column header for the column in which you want to set the limit.
  • You can set Minimum and Maximum WIP limit. Depending on the Minimum and Maximum WIP limit that you have entered, the WIP limit will be highlighted.
  1. When you are not meeting the Minimum WIP limit, then the color will turn to Orange.
  2. Same is applicable for Maximum WIP limit. If you exceed the Maximum limit, then the color will change to Red.
Note: (If you set the limit as -1 then there is no limit set for that particular column)
  • Enter the Minimum as well as Maximum WIP limit, and click Submit.After you start adding the card in that particular column, you will get to see the WIP status as Current WIP/ Minimum WIP – Maximum WIP.