Enterprise Services Planning

Today, with the surge of disruptive innovations, and rapid transformation of the business objectives, it is imperative to build a solid and scalable business strategy that not only optimizes your existing portfolio but also aligns with your capability. 
If you do Kanban, yet feel indecisive about certain issues like what work should you do next, when should you start so that you can feel confident of completing it on time,  do you have enough capacity to even commit, how many activities you can run in parallel, and so on, then Enterprise Services Planning (ESP) analytics is the most appropriate answer to all your worries. 
ESP, as David Anderson defines it, helps you to understand “how to select things, when to schedule them, which order to sequence them, how to know when and whether there is capacity, how to manage dependencies, how to plan, how to track, and how to know whether your results are good enough or need to be improved”.

Get to know more about the following offerings as a part of our ESP package. 
  • ESP Analytics: A package of predictive analytics powered by Monte Carlo simulation that leverages statistical techniques and predictive models and plots charts and graphics. 
  • Risk Module: A visual representation of the risks involved in an entity to help you take informed decisions to mitigate the known risks.

With the ESP license activation in SwiftKanban, you get 6 months of dummy data which you can access from the Welcome Board. This board has been enabled along with your ESP license.  
Navigate to the Welcome Board > ESP Module, select the Lane, enter the start and end date for which you want to plot the chart. Remember the board is preloaded with 6 months of data.