Exporting and Importing Cards

In SwiftKanban, you can export cards from Kanban board to Microsoft® Excel .Once you have exported, you can later import these cards from the Excel file but using the Import feature. Not just cards, you can export and save the card hierarchy in an Excel sheet. You can further use this Excel sheet to import the card hierarchy.

Export cards to update them in bulk and import them back into SwiftKanban. With import, you can create new cards from a CSV file or Excel sheet.

Exporting Cards:

To know more about exporting cards to Excel, see the Exporting Cards article. 

Importing Cards:

There are two types of import in SwiftKanban:
  1. Importing Cards : Import work items along with their attributes into SwiftKanban at one go.
  2. Hierarchy Import :Create a card, map relationship hierarchy among new and existing cards in an Excel file.