Personal View

Being a part of different Kanban boards, you might be assigned to various cards. Some you are about to start, some you are working on. You might have an important release knocking at your door, or an important notification being pushed to your inbox. You might also be interested to know your work allocation based on various parameters like Card Type, Priority, Size, Rank, Release, and so on. 

So, the Personal View in SwiftKanban is the right platform to address all your above requirements. The Personal View works as an aggregator of important information, and renders them all under the visually appealing and widget-driven Inbox view.
  1. Card View

    The card View widget on the upper left is the aggregator of all your assigned cards across various boards. Based on the lane types the cards are into, they will be either in To-Do, Doing, Done lane. You can perform following card actions from this widget:

    1. Update information in the Card Edit View.
    2. Use on card menu options like Link Cards, Comments, Add Comments, Attachments, To-Do, or Click Arrow icon to go to the respective board.
    3. Apply flags like Flag, Issue, Block and others on the card.
    4. Drag the slider in the auto-hide menu to resize the cards.
    5. To see the list view of the inbox, click the Inbox List view in the auto-hide tool bar.
  2. Calendar View 

    The Board Calendar on the upper right is the same calendar view that you can view while clicking the Calendar View icon in the auto-hide tool bar on a Kanban board. To know more about Calendar view, see this topic.

  3. Allocation Pie Chart

    The Allocation pie chart shows the card allocation based on various parameters like Card Type, Priority, Size, Rank, Release and Board. It shows the absolute number and the percentage.
    Note: You can add important information in the Notes section. You can enter it directly, or add or drag-and drop any attachment to the Notes widget. You can also maximize the widget for a better view.

  4. Notifications 

    The Notifications widget lists down the latest five notification messages. Each of them will have card id, details, day, board name and activity details.
    Note: The notifications in this widget are displayed based on the settings you have configured in the Notification menu items on the board. To know more about Notifications, see this topic.