Visualize Your Workflow/Process

Swift Kanban provides a highly configurable Kanban board designer using which you can map your value-streams in terms of lanes/sub-lanes of the board, define WIP limits for lanes and track your work entirely using various features available in the Kanban board. When you create a new board, it comes with a default board configuration (as shown below), which can then be modified to suit your specific value stream.

Note: SwiftKanban board comes with permanent URLs that can help you to access your board (login required, if session is not active) and save you a few navigation clicks. You can bookmark your SwiftKanban board in your favorite browser to revisit directly. You can also share/enter these links in any external application, making cross-referencing easily possible.

  1. Add Card 
  2. Board Filter 
  3. Board Sorter 
  4. Legend 
  5. Activity Log 
  6. Board Chat 
  7. Refresh Board 
  8. Modify Process 
  9. Backlog Board 
  10. Zoom level 
  11. Aging 
  12. Calendar View  
  13. Board Playback 
  14. Board Activity 
Only users with 'Manager' role can modify the process, hence the Modify Process icon will be not be available for users with 'Member' role.

To modify the default process i.e. to define your own Kanban board, navigate to Kanban board and click the Modify Process icon. The default process is displayed in the Board Editor view.

In this view, you can design the Board Workflow/Process:

  1. Change the workflow on the board by Configuring lanes.
  2. Add and enable Smart Lanes with same or different value streams.
  3. Configure various card types.
  4. Design Card Carousel
  5. Define policies for card movement on the board.

After you make any changes to the board layout, click the Save icon on the toolbar to save all changes. If you forget to save, you will see a prompt to ‘Save’, ensuring that no changes are lost, even by mistake.

Configuring Lanes

To configure a lane, click the Configure Lane icon which is available for every lane. The changes you make will apply to that particular lane only. After you make changes, ensure that you click the Save button on the toolbar. Subsequent to the changes, the Kanban board will display the modified lanes and Smart Lanes.

The icons available in the Configure toolbar are:

  1. Horizontal Split   :- This icon lets you split a lane horizontally.
  2. Vertical Split  :- This icon lets you split a lane vertically.
  3. Move Left   - This icon lets you move a lane to the left position. The icon is not available for lanes on the extreme left.
  4. Move Right   - This icon lets you move a lane to the right position of the selected lane. The icon is not available for lanes on the extreme right.
  5. Add to left  :- This icon lets you add a new lane on to the left position of the selected lane.
  6. Add to right  :- This icon lets you add a new lane on to the right position of the selected lane.
  7. Delete   - This icon lets you unsplit/delete the selected lane. If a lane is deleted and it has live cards, the cards are shifted to the parent lane and if no parent lanes exist, the lane is not allowed to be deleted.
  8. Lane Settings   – Click the ‘i’ icon on the toolbar to edit lane properties. Using this icon, you can do the following :-
  • Add/Rename the Lane Title
  • Add/Change Lane Description/Policy
  • Change Lane Type
  • Change/Turn Off WIP Limit

 After you make a change to the workflow, ensure that you click the Save icon on the right side of the board to apply the changes when you return to the board.

Thus with effect to the changes, when you pull a card to the board, the Add To list will display lanes based on the new/modified lanes.

Add/Rename the Lane Title

Add or rename the Lane Title and description by clicking the lane header, for example, ‘In-Progress’. You can even click the Configure Lane icon and then click the ‘i’ icon. The Lane Settings window appears where you can enter the new name in the Label box. Click Submit to save.

The description that you enter for the lane in this window is displayed on mouse hover on the lane heading. Clicking on the header will let you place this description as a constant text in the same lane. 

 If a lane has been split, the lane description can be pinned only on sub lanes and not on the parent lane.

Change Lane Type

Change Lane Type by double-clicking the Lane title, or click the Configure Lane icon and then click the ‘i’ icon. In the Edit lane window, you can now select the appropriate Lane Type such as Ready, In-Progress, or Completed. Click Submit to save.

Change/Turn Off WIP Limit

Change WIP Limit by clicking the Lane header, or click the Configure Lane icon and then click the ‘i’ icon. In the Lane Settings window, you can now change the WIP Limit for the lane. Click Submit to save.

To turn off a WIP limit, enter ‘-1' as the WIP limit.

You can define a WIP limit for child lanes which need not sum up to the WIP limit of the parent lane. If your board manages multiple Smart lanes on your board, you can set WIP limits for individual Smart Lane and child lanes.

Add a Lane

You may need a buffer queue or a hands-off stage before/after a lane. To add new lanes, click the Configure icon of the required lane.  Select the Add to left icon to add a lane before a lane or select Add to right icon to add a lane after a lane.
You can then rename the new lane, add a description, define the lane type, and the WIP limit by clicking the Lane header, or clicking the Configure icon and then clicking the ‘i’ icon. Click Submit to save the lane properties.
Adding a description for the lane helps to identify the policy of the lane (which displays on hovering over the lane header) when cards need to be dropped on the board.

Split a Lane

You may need to split lanes horizontally or vertically to create to indicate sub-processes. To create a horizontal split, click the Configure icon of the required lane.  Select the Horizontal Split icon to create parallel sub lanes.

Example of a Horizontally Split Lane (Ready Lane)

To create vertical split, click Vertical Split icon.

Example of a Vertically Split Lane (Develop Lane)

Move a Lane

You can move an existing lane to the left or right of a lane. To move a lane to the left, click the Configure icon of the required lane. From the toolbar, click the Move Left icon and to move a lane to the right, click the Move Right icon. If there are live cards, they will move accordingly.

Delete/Unsplit a Lane

You may want to remove a stage at some point of time i.e either delete a parent lane completely or remove a child lane.
You cannot delete a lane having cards on the board. However, if the lane is divided into child lanes and the child lane has live cards on the board, you can delete the child lane. The cards will be moved to the previous child lane.
To remove a lane or merge a sub-lane with the parent lane, click the Configure icon of the required lane. Click the Delete icon. Click OK in the confirmation message window.
To delete an unsplit lane having live cards, move the cards to the previous lane on the board and then delete the lane.

Design Card Carousel

You can define the card carousel to see card attributes you prefer to track on the card and in the order these should appear. Every board can have its own configuration on the card carousel.

Go to the Card Designer view on your board by navigating to Kanban Board > Modify Process > Card Designer.
To view an attribute with its values, select it in the Attributes menu. To hide it, clear the selection. To change the order, just drag the attribute and drop in between the two attributes as you want. Make the changes once the previous change is saved successfully.

The sample card gives a preview, which refreshes automatically after every change. The changes are reflected when you return to the board.
Note that the default enterprise settings of the card carousel are inherited onto the board. If the board has changed the configuration, the same will reflect, overriding the enterprise settings. For example, if the Admin has hidden the 'Rank' for the Enterprise and you still see the attribute on your board, it means that it is not hidden for your board.